YouTube will start showing video chapters in search


YouTube has a very large video library, and the company knows that navigating is not easier. To end that, the company is introducing a few new features to improve search optimization. Probably the most significant new tool is the chapter view right from the search results page. YouTube has offered the ability for users to break longer videos into separate chapters so that viewers can quickly find specific information, but they were only visible when you clicked-through. 

Now, chapters will appear on the search results, with a time-stamped image thumbnail for each section. This will give viewers more insight into the content inside each video, and you will be able to tap right into a specific chapter if you find exactly the info you are looking for. We are not yet sure if this feature is coming to all platforms.

Another new feature of YouTube is coming to mobile are the little snippets of videos that automatically play when you mouse over them on the desktop. YouTube says it willll roll out “a version” of these previews on mobile, though it’s not clear exactly what gesture will be used to get the snippet to play.

Finally, some of Google’s auto-translate tools are also coming to YouTube search results to make them useful. Specifically, the company is starting to include automatically translated video titles, descriptions, and captions to search results. These results will show when there is not enough related content in a user’s local language to be useful. YouTube is first adding all these translations to English-language videos, and right now it’s only being tested on mobile devices in India and Indonesia; the company says it will “consider” expanding to more locations based on user feedback. 

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