Nintendo Halts Nintendo Switch Shipments To Japan During A Global Shortage


Nintendo has halted deliveries of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite from its production facilities in Vietnam and China to Japan, amid a worldwide scarcity of the admired video game consoles.

The company confirmed that there would be no new shipments of the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite this week to Japan, aside from pre-orders. It tweeted in Japanese on Tuesday that it would update clients following week on the shipping timetable.

“Demand for Nintendo Switch ascended thanks to ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ and the increase in home gaming during COVID-19 pandemic,” Lisa Hanson, president of Niko Partners. This research firm emphasizes on the gaming industry in Asia.

She mentioned that sales of the Switch in Japan increased by 240% in March compared to a year ago. “Nintendo could be alleviating the short global supply issue by limiting shipments to Japan when demand there may be lesser in April after huge sales in March,” Hanson added.

On February 6, Nintendo stated it was dealing with manufacturing delays in China due to the ongoing pandemic. Although Nintendo began to move part of its manufacturing to Vietnam in 2019, it still depends on China for supply. The company rejected to say how much the supply chain has improved since then.

Niko Partners said it did not assume Nintendo to meet demand in April, and that sales would continue to be decided by supply.

Nintendo America said in an announcement, “Nintendo Switch hardware is selling out at numerous retail locations in the U.S., but more procedures are on the way. We make an apology for any inconvenience.”

Costs of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite have risen steeply above their retail rates, despite the Switch being over three years old. In China, the price has nearly doubled over to $560 (4,000 RMB) from approximately $299. On Walmart’s website, the “Animal Crossing” version of the Switch is now priced at $800.

Nintendo refused to comment on present sales figures and when it would recommence shipments. The company tells earnings on May 7, when it usually publishes sales data.

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